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A former Texas ranger - Mason Campbell - has taken to the bottle after the deaths of his wife and former partner. The dead partner's brother - Zeke Dixon - pays the distraught man a visit, saving him from an angry mob in a saloon and informing him that he has found those responsible and it is payback time.

The two are joined by a Native American guide - Red Fox - who takes them to a camp where a woman is being held hostage as part of a human smuggling ring. Dixon and crew off the woman's captors, except for one, whom Dixon recognizes as a friend from the past.

This friend leads them to the drop point - an abandoned town where the women are picked up and eventually dropped off at a compound in Mexico to be auctioned off as slaves to the highest bidder.

Another friend of Dixon's has been recruited to scout for the compound. He eventually finds it but is captured and taken prisoner.

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Release them...now!
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Just then, gunfire can be heard outside the room. Moments later, one of Timmons' men rushes in, wounded.
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Dixon whistles to get their attention.
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Timmons tips his hat to Mason and Hannah.
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Chen puts her hands thought the hole. Just as her bonds are cut, she grabs the guard's wrist and yanks his arm through the hole, slamming him into the door. The knife falls to the ground inside the cell. Chen picks it up while still holding on to the man's wrist and jabs it into the man's arm.

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