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31 year old Achmed's parents, Raheem, a 64 year old grizzly man, and 56 year old Najiba, are deeply connected to the al Qaeda terrorist organization. However, Achmed, who dropped out of high school and has worked on the family farm ever since has different ideas. He rejects his parents' radical views, and dreams of moving to America. One day, after his father claims responsibility for the bombing of a local US patrol unit, Achmed decides he has had enough. He decides to pack his bags and move to America. His family just laughs at him, but Achmed is serious about the move. He finds himself in America, attempting to make his way through life without and education, working jobs and just getting by. Follow his journey across America in this hilarious comedy about one man truly living the American Dream.

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Work on explaining what is going on visually. Also, work on establishing the scene. Read a few scripts to get the format, ect...
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Child! How dare you speak like that of your father! Especially on such an important day! Now, we'll try this again. He wants to be treated like bin Laden. What should we get him?
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What? That's not enough for you? Fine. I'll throw in some virgins, too!

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