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A young boy is plagued, seemingly, by his own intense imagination. His childhood, social, and romantic needs all seem to be satisfied by means of his own imagination. He has very complex imaginary friends, with very adult issues. He tells stories about the future and about things that never happened. In adolescence he retracts and claims that he had merely confused his dreams with reality in his younger years. Though he seems distant his entire life, it is not until he nears college that everything changes. Though he remains home for college, he suddenly misses his parents and family, even when they are next to him. He develops an intense knowledge of advanced warfare without knowing why. His dreams change from hazy, innocent childhood stories to terribly violent nightmares about a war being waged with weapons that the Earth has never before seen. It isn't long before he begins to fear more for his futuristic dream life than for his real one.

Hundreds of years in the future, a humongous convoy of vehicles transport thousands of soldiers through city streets like a giant parade. The metropolis is empty however, evacuated. The troops are tired and depressed. They seem to have been thrust into a life they were unprepared for. There is knowledge amongst the troops that they are tranporting something to a secure location. Why so many men are needed to transport one object is unknown to them. Who they are fighting is unknown to us.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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