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Patrick meets his ex-girlfriend Dayna at a coffee shop near closing time. There they discuss their relationship and it's ups and downs. Dayna makes a proposal for them to perhaps reignite old passions and Patrick explains that he isn't going to take her back just because her most recent ex Geoff left her for someone else.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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GEOFF looks at DAYNA, attempting to communicate his acquiescence without speaking. Dayna, looks directly at PATRICK and then down at her and Geoff's HANDS. She takes Geoff's hand in her own, leans up and KISSES Geoff on the mouth. Patrick fumes in anger.
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How the hell do you communicate a lack of trying, but still a desire to be in a relationship?
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I doubt that. I was pretty sure when you asked me here that you still had some sort of feelings for me. Even if it was just, you know, echoes or something. So I think you had an idea what I was feeling too.
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There is a moment of silence between Patrick and Dayna.

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