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Jasmine Anderson is a freelance writer for Woman’s Voice magazine and works as private investigator in exchange for being able to put the cases she works in her book,”Revealed.” Jasmine also works secretly to find out the details of her own mysterious past.

Other main characters in the series include:
Pete McKinney—40, LAPD detective who crosses paths with Jasmine while she is on one of her cases. McKinney is curious about Jasmine and her motives. He balances keeping an eye on Jasmine and the secret dealings he’s involved in with local drug lords to finance his ever-growing debt from past decisions that still haunt him.

Tye Bartlett—25, A third-year law student at USC and Jasmine’s live in boyfriend. He has been dating Jasmine for a year and living together for the last 2 months. Tye is supportive of Jasmine’s journalistic efforts but discourages her probing in the lives of people for material for her book. He does not question Jasmine of her past as he doesn't want her questions what he does when she’s not around.

Violet Monroe—37, Editor-In-Chief of Woman’s Voice and Publisher of Woman’s Voice, Man’s Minute and City Magazine. Violet is a self-made business woman and has no shame in telling her story of starting her company from her living room as a 21 year single mother of two. Violet is suspicious of Jasmine and her intentions at Woman’s Voice.

Each episode Jasmine crosses paths with a person who's past has come back to haunt them. She helps them sort out the issue, all the while piecing together her past.

McKiney keeps a close watch as some of Jasmine's clients he has had corrupt dealings with. Violet watches Jasmine as she feels she may be crossing the boundaries of good journalism and endangering the fate of her magazine as well as unearthing some of her skeletons.

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