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Quick pitch

Justin was infected by a fatal virus at the age of thirteen... He was supposedly dead, but ten years latter his younger sister Lydia was captured by a twenty three year old man with the name of Justin. Is this a coincidence? Or something eviler?

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)

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RandomChick added an action in "The Trailer" on 10/25/2010. RandomChick made 19 other changes. more
Reverse Me appears on the screen.
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RandomChick edited dialogue in "The End" on 06/29/2010. RandomChick made 1 other comment and 4 other changes. more
*Prerecorded* I was always forced to believe that you have to live everyday to the fullest, that, that's the only way for your life to have meaning... But I'm not sure if that is true, because I only ever felt like my life has meaning, that I have a purpose... After thirteen years of death...
DJrikuchic added a comment to Reverse Me on 06/29/2010. more
opps, it's access
RandomChick edited dialogue in "The Fate" on 06/28/2010. RandomChick made 10 other changes. more
Oh, I will! Did you forgot I'm just as or more powerful then Lydia!!

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