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themostchill commented on the scene "Scene 1." on 07/20/2010.
themostchill commented on the scene "Scene 1." on 07/20/2010 [view]
I think that the episode should connect the trouble with the collaborative game to the payment of rent by agreeing to let Peter Molyneux in on the project. Molyneux agrees just so long as he gets a portion of the profits. He goes back to his apartment and the episode continues with Reggie, Gabe and Bobby trying to one-up each other and obtain creative dominance on the project.

It turns out that Molyneux had secret motion-sensing cameras hidden all over the apartment and steals every single on of their ideas and incorporates it poorly into his own WRPG. He releases the game on his own and it does exceptionally well. The three learn that their ideas working together instead of conflicting makes a great game. They then forget the lesson three minutes later and go back to what they were doing at the beginning of the episode.
themostchill joined the project! on 07/20/2010
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