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A slow meandering shot wanders through an old, empty, giant victorian house. Its darkness is heavy but scattered candles scattered along the hardwood floors give off a flicking dim. One can feel the vast desolation as the house creaks and moans. The audience begins to hear a muffled but none the less beautiful melody coming from where the light that shines in the bathroom.
satinicole18 edited an action in "Daniel In his house" on 03/28/2008. satinicole18 made 7 other changes. more
Daniel's eyes are now wide and full of a entrenching fear.
satinicole18 added an action in "Daniel In his house" on 03/28/2008. satinicole18 made 25 other changes. more
Daniel stops speaking and immediately stands erect. Every pigment of color flushes from his face.
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The 3 o'clock bell rings and Eagleview High-school's 2000 students begin to flush out into the schools courtyard at a rapid rate. Ben scans the school's tightly crammed parking lot that is by this time overflowing with a sea of mini-vans and suburbans. Ben licks his dry lips and tastes remnants of caked blood. A high pitched horn catches his ear. He sees his mom's beat up blue honda pull to the curb. He sighs and trudges over.

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