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Vince looks down at his ankle then back up at the vent as blood runs down his face from the wounds on his scalp. He sees many more pairs of silver eyes gleaming down at him. Then Vince watches as the creatures jump down at his feet and then race up his chest. He lets go of the beast that he is holding at arms length and then begins to hit the creature on him with his fists trying to free himself from them. One of the creatures is shown rushing up the side of his face and bites of a part of his ear. Then two creatures swarm his face and dig their sharp jagged teeth into his chin. He then attempts to scream but the pool of blood in his mouth is only heard, gargling. He then falls to the ground with a tremendous "thump" and then his eyes slowly close as the sounds of the beasts off screen are continuing to devourer his body.
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Vince is startled by the noise of the vent cover but does not realize what is is. Loud noises continue from behind the door. Vince looks at the door and watches as the lock gets pushed out from the inside out and falls to the ground. He then rushes towards the door and slams himself into it in an attempt to keep it shut. But he realizes that the lock on the nob is still able to keep the door shut. With shaking hands he reaches at the door hinges to make sure that they are still intact. They are.
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INT. int. stairwell - night

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