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Quick pitch

Glenn, a lost high school senior, decides to go on a road trip with his girlfriend. When she refuses, he takes the next two in line: All-Around-A Lilly and NerdyMcLoser Larry. Upon agreeing to lose themselves in order to find brand new people, they have a run in with robbery, drugs, the mafia, the police, and everything else outside of their innocent comfort zones. To be produced Summer 2012 by "The Skit-Zophrenics" in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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dancrapanzanofilms added dialogue in "Brand New Car!" on 05/20/2012. dancrapanzanofilms made 48 other changes. more
We need to find a Wal-Mart.
dancrapanzanofilms added a new scene titled "Brand New Car!" on 05/17/2012. dancrapanzanofilms made 30 other changes. more
dancrapanzanofilms edited dialogue in "Healing." on 05/10/2012. more
No, he's right. It is my fault. This is all my fault, and I'm sorry. But
(he trails off)
dancrapanzanofilms added an action in "HQ" on 05/06/2012. dancrapanzanofilms made 206 other changes. more
They jump in the car. Lilly hot wires it in a matter of seconds.
dancrapanzanofilms added an action in "Diner Dash" on 05/03/2012. dancrapanzanofilms made 196 other changes. more
Officer John Davis stands up and turns around to the kids. They're gone.

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