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A organisation is put together to infiltrate the biggest gangs in America. When they have control of these gangs they then look to change the dynamic between gangs and police. The group is put together with the knowledge of the american government to put a stop to the escalating problems.

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Cheif of staff or an Ext
"Over the past few years there has been a huge rise in gang activity and crime over the whole of this great country. This has now become a huge a problem that needs swift and evasive action. As these projections shall show, Mr President".
Rob2212 added dialogue in "Troy and JJ go over inital plan" on 10/22/2010. Rob2212 made 9 other changes. more
Troy Kennedy
"Glad to hear you are on board with this. Well i was thinking we assemble a team and try to organise a meeting with the 7 or 8 biggest gangs around the country
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James Johnson
"So let me get this straight we are working for the Bad guys!"
Rob2212 commented on the scene "In Vegas meeting JJ and Squeek." on 10/21/2010. more
JJ is a smooth talker and this makes Troy more serious and gets him more focused. Squeek and Uke work closely together as well they are the ones involved in co ordinating the groups moves. Maybe use the penthouse in the hotel as the groups base to work from.

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