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Quick pitch

An underground ring of Rock, Paper, Scissors players. The main character is one of the best, and has the biggest match of his life coming up.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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MKalcott added dialogue in "schoolyard challenge" on 03/07/2010. more
Joshua (whispering)
This time I'll win.
MKalcott added dialogue in "schoolyard challenge" on 08/27/2009. MKalcott made 6 other changes. more
Meet me at the arena after school for a couple of rounds, then we can get started on that stupid homework.
In the forum, chickenproductions replied to Characters on 07/08/2009. more
Ricky Oswald- A teen meaning good that can get cocky when it comes to Rock Paper Scissors. The tragic moment shakes up his life, and he becomes introverted and starts to work solely on school. Don't really have any other characters planned, so...
In the forum, chickenproductions replied to Sets on 07/07/2009. chickenproductions made 3 other changes. more
Well, I can maybe get some blank rooms, and definitely one or two houses if need be. We have a lot of trails here on a local mountain, so i'll probably like to use those for the "training" sequences at the end. Just no "big city" environments, and...
In the forum, FireZombie created a new post, "Plot" on 07/04/2009. FireZombie made 3 other changes. more

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