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Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to direct your full attention to the television monitor. We will be showing our fashion demonstration and require your complete attention.
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INT. Sequence 3 - Government
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The Romantic style of fashion was a change from the previous Empire style. In comparison, skirts became fuller and gored, meaning it was A shaped. Since one of the tenets of Romanticism is a focus on the past, it makes sense that many of the fashion trends were a throwback to previous time periods. Aspects like neck ruffs, slashing, and medieval styles are evidence of this. Around the 1830s, the gigot sleeves became popular. It is characterized by a large puffed out ball on the shoulder which narrows down to a narrow sleeve at the wrist. Much like a football player’s pads. V necks worn with pelerines, a large white collar, was a trendy option too. For children under the age of six, there were no gender differences in clothing. Both boys and girls wore free gowns with pantalets, which were long underwear with frills on the bottom. However, as the children aged, the gender distinctions became more pronounced. Girls wore dresses that imitated their mothers, and boys wore tunics with a belt at their waist and ankle-length trousers.
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Hold up, I gotta stop you there. First off, perpetual motion is impossible. Second, that's inspiring and all, but way too long. Our audience is already half asleep from that.

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