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New ending for Romeo and Juliet

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14140594 edited an action in "Act 4 - Scene 2" a year ago. 14140594 made 42 other changes. more
Romeo leave Balthasar's horse at Veronna's frontier. He start walking to Friar Lawrence's cell.
14140594 edited dialogue in "Act 4 - Scene 1" a year ago. 14140594 made 38 other changes. more
Baltazar (out of breath)
I'm so exausted about this trip. I came the fastest I could. Juliet... Juliet is going to...
14140594 added dialogue in "Act 4 - Scene 1" a year ago. 14140594 made 24 other changes. more
Haaaa! What am I saying, Juliet loves me as strong as I do. I hope. Please God, forgive me for what I just said. I should never doubt about Juliet's love.

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