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Quick pitch

a motel room where several disappearances have token place

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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smsp edited an action in "checking in" on 04/10/2014. more
they go up to the 2nd story and put the key in the slot and unlock the door and push open the door witch squeals open nick looks at shay
ikuchiha edited dialogue in "checking in" on 07/04/2013. more
Some gentleman you are! Fine i'll take the couch.
Kfunk4 joined the project! on 07/04/2013. more
ikuchiha joined the project! on 07/04/2013. more
smsp deleted an action in "checking in" on 07/04/2013. more
Rachel puts her things on the other bed leaving to the floor they all take turns changing and when their all in the room nick tries scaring the other three by turning of the lights. and turning on a flashlight

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