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David and his family move to Bloomfield, only to find out about a tragic event involving his cousin Stephanie that has happened five years ago. Plagued by the guilt of being apathetic toward the fate of his relative in the past, he seeks to learn more about the event, as well as Stephanie herself. However, as Stephanie begins to visit him in his dreams, he finds out that it is she who yearns for consolation for her uneasy past and forgiveness from her parents for failing to fulfill their dream of seeing their daughter blossom physically and spiritually. Stephanie, having forgotten her past, requests that David evoke her memories by bringing Rosaria - her stuffed rabbit - to various places that Stephanie has brought her to throughout her life. Only then can David fully understand Stephanie's condition and grant her wish.

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Robert! David! You're finally here!
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That was the clock. They're not here yet.
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