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Rosy smiles and quietly exits. The lights fade as Emanuel and JT walk towards the counter to sit down, share a pot of coffee and
kidneymunch edited a slugline in "This is your first scene." on 01/24/2012. more
INT. int. BLU breakroom. The lights are off and the clock on the wall reads 7:45
kidneymunch edited an action in "How do new scenes work?" on 01/23/2012. kidneymunch made 19 other changes. more
Emanuel grumbles and closes the cake box, and instead begins pouring himself some coffee.
kidneymunch edited dialogue in "How do new scenes work?" on 01/22/2012. kidneymunch made 14 other changes. more
Look, I've known you long enough to know that you have a habit of pushing people away. Do you really think it's worth it this time?
kidneymunch added a slugline in "How do new scenes work?" on 01/21/2012. kidneymunch made 111 other changes. more
INT. int: BLU Breakroom. A pink cake box is now sitting on the counter top.

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