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Quick pitch

What if you were forced by a psycho to take part in a twisted series of little games so that you could finally regain your freedom? Yeah, you might immediately think SAW, but what if SAW was all amateur and sorts? Yeah. There ya go.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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The others are visibly stressed, with one person crying. Finally, the title fades in. The killer grabs her face, pulls it towards him, and points the knife at her.
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Jeff (Cont'D)
Better then me dying!
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EXT Shot: House -
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She raises the cinderblock above her head, and Jeff's eyes widen in terror.
Mynx added dialogue in "Scene Three - "The Unnamed Game"" on 09/26/2009. more
Jamie (Cont'd)
...Not do what you told me to.

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