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It is about a sixteen year old girl living in a small town in HUNTINGDON, PA. When her mother died of a drug overdose when she was five, her mother left a house and a lot of money to her husband with the condtion that he also takes care of her daughter Roxxy. Her stepfather abuses her, rapes her, and is a drunken drug addict. She goes to Huntingdon Area high school and is made fun of everyday, in an attemp to kill herself, it becomes manditory for her to see a therapist. When she runs away for the fourth time she goes to her theripst house because she knows no one will find her there. The only person that does know is her uncle and his wife.

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lovetowirtedotcom added a new scene titled "scene five" on 08/16/2013. lovetowirtedotcom made 3 other changes. more
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(Plays the movie)
where were we?
lovetowirtedotcom added an action in "Scene four" on 08/07/2013. lovetowirtedotcom made 18 other changes. more
Roxxy smiles and shakes her head yes
lovetowirtedotcom added an action in "Scene four" on 08/06/2013. lovetowirtedotcom made 84 other changes. more
Earl stummble away. When is gone Roxxy melts ton the kitchen floor and starts to cry.
lovetowirtedotcom added an action in "scene three" on 08/05/2013. lovetowirtedotcom made 45 other changes. more
Roxxy gets up and walks out of the office.

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