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Quick pitch

The Super Hero Justice 3 have re-united (kind of) and are in a predicament. Join Captain Obvious, Kitty Man, Camera Man, and Taco Boy on an adventure you'd probably want to miss ;-{) In this episode, a mysterious new character shows up. Camera man.

Project Type: Skit (5 min)

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RoundTheBendComedy added an action in "The End Cut" on 04/22/2009. RoundTheBendComedy made 5 other changes. more
Camera man motions to go to color bars mouthing it.
RoundTheBendComedy edited a blog entry. on 04/21/2009. RoundTheBendComedy made 52 other changes. more
RoundTheBendComedy added an action in "Looking Back 01" on 04/21/2009. RoundTheBendComedy made 17 other changes. more
Taco Boy and Kitty Man are arguing who's hotter

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