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Quick pitch

Another modern Shakespeare adaptation...

I finally realized the other one I did was CRAP. so I'm trying fo a shorter one.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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willie shapesword
Actually Tyna, I have a confession to make. My real name is Benvolio, Benvolio Montague. I'm Romeo's cousin and I was there when everything happened, since the very beginning when Mercutio and I pushed Romeo to sign up for the Community play. So I decided to go incognito under the name Willie Shapesword and write a novel dedicated to my cousin and his star-crossed love. Since i felt everything was my fault for telling Romeo about Juliet's death.
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It is true. Romeo killed Tybaltine and you're engaged to Paris. I overheard Aunt Katherine saying so. So I suggest you start filling for divorce papers now.
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mrs. capulet
Noooooooo!!! Not my daughter! Someone call a doctor!!! Juliet!!!!!!!
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The Governess enters and paces back and forth. Pastora Lawrencia, Mrs. Montague, Georgia and Mrs. Capulet enters.

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