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juliahansberry added an action in "Episode 7: This Might Be Rock Bottom" on 03/09/2014. juliahansberry made 118 other changes. more
Laura sits in her bed and shakes because she is going through withdrawl. She knows she isn't strong enough for this.
juliahansberry added dialogue in "Episode 6: These New Friends of Mine" on 03/09/2014. juliahansberry made 60 other changes. more
Guess so.
juliahansberry edited dialogue in "Episode 5: Underachievement At Its Finest" on 02/09/2014. juliahansberry made 126 other changes. more
I've been accepted to Coastal Carolina, UPJ, and Chatham. I can't decide though. How 'bout you, Laura?
juliahansberry inserted a slugline in "Episode 3: Then Everything Went to Hell" on 02/06/2014. juliahansberry made 30 other changes. more
INT. ext. Parking Lot- night
juliahansberry added an action in "Episode 3: Then Everything Went to Hell" on 02/06/2014. juliahansberry made 51 other changes. more
Laura wakes up feeling hungover. She has no idea what day it is

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