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Quick pitch

Jaime Hayes lived a quiet life with his sisters and father. After he is caught with banned items in his room, Jaime must protect his family as they are hunted throughout the city.

Follow Jaime and his sisters as they learn the consequences of their decisions and what effect a small action can have in the world.

Project Type: Short Film (An hour)

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mbrueske edited an action in "Act 3 Scene 5" on 02/20/2015. mbrueske made 2 other changes. more
Liz grabs Sara's hand and leads he over to the truck. They climb in after the rest of the group. The truck starts and heads down the road heading south.
mbrueske inserted a transition in "Act 2 Scene 1" on 02/20/2015. mbrueske made 121 other changes. more
mbrueske added an action in "Act 3 Scene 3" on 02/20/2015. mbrueske made 2 other changes. more
Jaime and Liz are sitting
mbrueske edited dialogue in "Act 3 Scene 2" on 02/20/2015. mbrueske made 14 other changes. more
Fine, but you listen and follow what we tell you to do, got it?
mbrueske added an action in "Act 3 Scene 2" on 02/19/2015. mbrueske made 123 other changes. more
The three of them continue their way to the storage unit.

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