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All relationships have their beginnings and their endings, but some find their way back to the start. This is a look into the love life of Cassandra and David. The story shows their perspectives on the events that played out during their relationship and after.

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janisg edited dialogue in "Scene 6" on 02/28/2012. janisg made 7 other changes. more
*Voice over* There's an ending to every story. Our story ended 11 months and 8 days ago. There's no way in going back to relive it, but we can always create a new story. Maybe it'll be bad, maybe the same, or maybe even better. I guess we'll just have to find out.
janisg edited an action in "Scene 2" on 02/27/2012. janisg made 25 other changes. more
He kicks David out and closes the door for some secret conversation ;-*
janisg inserted dialogue in "Scene 6" on 02/16/2012. janisg made 2 other changes. more
She's cute okay! I couldn't resist.
janisg edited dialogue in "Scene 1" on 02/16/2012. janisg made 2 other changes. more
She wasn't my type anyway...
janisg edited an action in "Scene 6" on 02/16/2012. janisg made 205 other changes. more
Roy stares at them hugging, then joins. Cassandra and Ellie look at him funny, but go along with it.

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