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In this story there is a rabbit and a leopard that is fighting for the same house after the leopard decides to move from the quiet bush land area he used to live in.The rabbit comes up with a clever plan to get rid of the leopard getting the help of a baboon.

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They try to run away but there tails were tied together. That's how the rabbit became in charge of the house
Penno2857 added dialogue in "Scene 3" two years ago. Penno2857 made 36 other changes. more
Don't let that old rabbit fool you. I will help you get your house back
Penno2857 added dialogue in "Scene 1" two years ago. Penno2857 made 22 other changes. more
What" why is there a nother fire I just don't get it
Penno2857 added a slugline in "This is your first scene." two years ago. Penno2857 made 8 other changes. more
INT. He finds a Clearing in a forest and starts collecting sticks.

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