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Sandbox Instructions

Every project has three major components (linked to on the left):
- Outline
- Scenes
- Screenplay

In the outline, you'll want to describe your project concisely--enough so that new members can figure out what your story is about, and whether they want to join. Remember, you're writing with other people here, so tell them what your plan is!

Once you've finished your outline, you'll need to create scenes--the building blocks of your screenplay. You can add and edit scenes as well as change their order in the screenplay.

When you've created a scene, you can start on your screenplay. You can click the "screenplay" link in the menu, or click "View this scene" on the scenes page. In the screenplay tool, you can add, edit, or delete elements. If you'd like to edit an element, just click on the text and the edit window will appear.

We have three types of elements:
- Slugline: the scene header, which has three pieces: INT/EXT LOCATION -- TIME
- Action: Just like it says! Use action fields to describe what's happening on screen.
- Dialogue: You'll need to enter a character name and what that character says.

If you'd like more help, click the "help" link at the bottom of the page.

Once you've learned how the system works, be sure to join Operation Smoking Dragon to work on a real project!

Good luck and have fun!
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