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Seth Alexander Downey Junior was born on October 1st 1997. He went missing in 2002 when he was playing in the back garden. They called the search off 10 days later. The police were evinced that Seth was dead, but in 2011 Seth came back he was a different person, he wasn't the kid back in 2002 that everyone loved. No he was so not and they were going to find out. Seth killed so many people in 2011 but got away with it.

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Seth: It's my birthday and Stanley is not my uncle he is not related to me
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Few months later, Seth is living with Stanley family none of them know that Seth murdered Stanley but they do know he is dead. They just think Stanley commit sucid
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Seth: A party is the least of my problems so night
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Cameron walks in with James
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Cameron: (Grabs shin and screams but laughs at the same time) Erm what was that for

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