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Int. Room where detective hoffman is placed in the reverse bear trap.

jay1234 - on 12/03/2010

jill tuck -

game over!

jay1234 - on 12/03/2010

Hoffman screams as the reverse bear trap tears his face an nearly kills him. He throws it on the floor an falls letting out another louder scream.

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EXT. Jill walks away in relief. Suddenly after hearing glass break she turns around an sees his head through the window. she realizes that he survived. she than waits for him to exit the room. He proceeds out the door an sees jill smirking at him.

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Hoffman -

You fucking bitch! im going to kill you!

jay1234 - on 12/03/2010

He charges towards her an grabs her knocking her to the ground when suddenly two pigmasked figures pull him off her an stick him with a syringe. he falls to the ground. scene ends.

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Hoffman awakens in an unknown room sitting in a chair without any restraints or traps on him. on a table in front of him sits a tape player and an envelope. he proceeds to pick up the tape player an than plays it.

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Hello Mark I can see that nothing ,but anger an vengeance are in your eyes right now.

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INT. A hooded figure watches hoffman from another room on a camera. it slowly zooms in to hoffmans face showing his rage.

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You want nothing more than to escape me without anyone knowing who you really are. You will kill anyone who possibly knows. I assume Jill is at the top of your list. I admire your detective work an your intelligence. Your engineering capabilities an efforts in assisting me are greatly appreciated. Most of all your love for your family. I want to give you one last chance just as John gave amanda. You are free to go. I have cleaned and sutured your facial wounds. I also left you some detailed instructions for a few new games you can choose to set up.

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INT. FLASHBACK. A hooded figure is shown cleaning and suturing hoffmans wounds. Hoffman is placed in the chair an some pictures as well as instructions are placed in the envelope. The tape player an envelope are placed on the table. The hooded figure walks away. Scene ends.

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Some time ago you were given a chance to survive. A game if you will. You had failed. You chose to be a murder just as Seth baxter was thus making you just like him. I know you loved your sister. Would she want you to kill or to save? Do you think John an jill loved their son gideon? Did he murder Cecil? Mark i believe in you. Take this gift an please use it wisely as the gift of life is very precious. In front of you is an unlocked door. In joining me or leaving me you can continue your legacy of murder(justice as you call it)or you can choose to put others first an grant those of innocence as well as those who are guilty the gift of life. The choices are yours. Good luck Mark.

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Hoffman slams the tape player on the floor completely destroying it.

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