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He charges towards her an grabs her knocking her to the ground when suddenly two pigmasked figures pull him off her an stick him with a syringe. he falls to the ground. scene ends.
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You want nothing more than to escape me without anyone knowing who you really are. You will kill anyone who possibly knows. I assume Jill is at the top of your list. Some time ago you were given a chance to survive. A game if you will. You had failed. I admire your intelligence an engineering capabilities Mark. I want to give you one last chance just as John gave amanda. You are free to do as you please. You can choose the gift of your own freedom an continue your legacy of murder as you call it justice or you can choose to put yourself last an grant those of innocence the gift of life. You choose to be a murder just as Seth baxter was thus making you just like him. You were once an innocent man Mark hoffman. I know you loved your sister. Would she want you to kill or to save? In front of you is a door. The choices are yours.
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