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On the contrary, Bumper. He is a very great teacher. Professor Grape knows everything there ever is to know about being an elf. With all that information in your head, all the time, it is easy to forget very unimportant details like where you put the chalk. Don't you think? As long as he was able to teach the important things. Sleigh mechanics and such. With Christmas being a few short days away, I will need elves on my trip that can fix my sleigh when things go wrong. And you can imagine, on such a long trip, how things can go terribly wrong. But thanks to Grape and his years of good work preparing little elves like you, I have never missed a house!
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Prof. Grape
Good luck! Good luck! You're going to need it!
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With all due respect sir, he wasn't a very good teacher.
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Prof. Grape
All right. Lets begin. The most important part of any sleigh is the base. It is in this place that we store the magic. And the magic, my little elves...

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