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What about the price of the fuel itself? Well, at least we have good news here. While it does range in price from $1 to $20 a kilo; on average, it is about equivalent to paying $2.00 for a gallon of gas. This price, too, will drop as filling stations become more prevalent and the technology to produce hydrogen gas becomes more refined and wide spread.
Hexum edited dialogue in "Limitations/Left To research" on 04/28/2009. Hexum made 2 other changes. more
As anyone could guess, there are huge challenges left to be met before you only see gasoline powered cars in vintage auto collections instead of your garage. The research is expensive and the adoption of the technology will be hampered by political and corporate red tape. But it is finally happening. As the public becomes more eco-conscious, we will see a greater call for these type of environmentally friendly power sources.
Hexum edited dialogue in "The availability of the cars" on 04/27/2009. Hexum made 2 other changes. more
We have been hearing about hydrogen powered cars for over a decade but the progress of the technology has yet to be seen on a large scale. In fact, fuel cells were discovered in the mid 1800s and have been in use in aerospace since the 1960s. Finally there are cars on the road that use hydrogen to move.
Hexum commented on an action. on 04/27/2009. Hexum made 2 other comments and 27 other changes. more
Add a stronger, smoother transition sentence - don't forget to be a little informal, a little "off the cuff."
Hexum edited dialogue in "What is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car" on 04/27/2009. Hexum made 42 other changes. more
So how does it all work? There are actually two ways hydrogen can be used as fuel. The first is as a direct replacement for gasoline. Hydrogen can be used in the combustion engines of today with very little modification to the engine. The second way is to use hydrogen to produce electricity. In this way, hydrogen fuel cell car is basically an electric car with the battery replaced by hydrogen gas. The fuel cell itself is what takes that hydrogen and oxygen from the air an turns it in to electricity

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