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In a society where dreams are commercialized into daily specials a boys life is put into turmoil when his dream gets a malware that shuts off his daily dream. Alone in the dark of his own mind for the first time in his life he is forced to walk through the darkness of his own mind, changing his perspective.

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Timmins doesn't look happy nor suprised. He reaches down into his pocket to get a zip lock bag full of quarters. He gives the dispensor four of them and zips the bag back up, and puts in the same pocket. The Dispenser hands him the dream Timmins ordered.
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(pointing at Timmins)
You, get your dream here.
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A faster version of the day before happens 3 more times. This time however soundbites of news and media programs play giving hints about how shitty the world is becoming. It ends the montage with the voice of the News Anchor as the screen fades out over Timmins lying on his bed.
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