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A sequel of the 23 minute hit Scrabble Prodigy, this film is sure to be as good as the first. Kelly Morrison, having been eliminated from the competition and losing to Sandy, is after her trophy. But for what reason?........... Loaded with more action then before, and still keeping the promise of NO VIOLENCE, Scrabble Sleuth can't be described with words. But it can be with tiles. Haha!

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

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davinaho915 edited an action in "Scene 4" on 09/02/2008. more
Kelly searches in all different rooms for the trophy. She cannot find it. Finally, she finds the trophy in a safe/droow (i donĀ“t know whether we actually have a safe). She bangs on the safe/droor four times and opens it. She finds the trophy. She makes her way back to the front door, but she sees the floodlight go on and sees Bill and Sandy walking up to the front door, alone. She quickly enters the burglar alarm combination. She sprints off to hide, but trips on a carpet. She quickly fixes the carpet and sprints off and hides in a nearby closet, just as Bill and Sandy enter the house.
davinaho915 edited the scene titled "Scene 8" on 08/17/2008. davinaho915 made 2 other changes. more
PittFan edited dialogue in "Scene 10" on 08/17/2008. PittFan made 2 other changes. more
Come on Sandy, stop grinning, Kelly thinks we will go back inside so that she gets away. Well she thought wrong, lets chase her down!
PittFan added an action in "Scene 10" on 08/17/2008. PittFan made 22 other changes. more
THE END, now come credits, as all three continue walking farther and farther away, with the theme song (Life in Technicolor?) playing, as well as credits showing.
vivianho1212 edited dialogue in "Scene 7" on 08/09/2008. more
Oh Bill, I'm sure you have taken into account that I won the Thomas County Scrabble Competition even though I hid on the streets for 1 and a half days when you and me got in a fight.

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