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And first "She"
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But the video sent to me, from Sophie's number and then the phone call?
PaulBalassa edited dialogue in "This is your first scene." a year ago. more
Stab prank call huh? I haven't had one of these in a few years.
DylanCodyDeGrave edited dialogue in "EPISODE 2" a year ago. DylanCodyDeGrave made 3 other changes. more
I AM the Stab wiki dude. I got this.
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news reporter (os)
After a week of these gruesome murders, we believe that it has finally come to an end. with a fatality count of over forty, including local students returning from a Stab themed party. only three have been hospitalized. our condolences go out to the families. we hope and pray, this is the last we see of this Woodsborrow Massacre "Web Series".

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