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Adventures of a Mormon Forger

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DillonToups edited an action in "The Actual Heist" 9 months ago. DillonToups made 133 other changes. more
DAVID turns up the volume on the radio. 80's synth plays as they drive off.
JayceMichaelHill edited dialogue in "The Rules" 9 months ago. JayceMichaelHill made 5 other comments and 9 other changes. more
What Phil? Put your hand down, we're not in fuckin' school.
DillonToups added an action in "The Actual Heist" 9 months ago. DillonToups made 157 other changes. more
Just then a loud bird screeches in the distance. DAVID jumps and grabs his heart. He leans back into the chair, shutting his eyes and clenching his jaw.
DillonToups added dialogue in "The Actual Heist" 10 months ago. DillonToups made 63 other changes. more
But feel free to grab a little bit more than usual. We got a bigger crew for a reason. If anything goes missing, the family will just assume the old bag lost it. It might be my best rule yet!
DillonToups edited dialogue in "The Rules" 10 months ago. DillonToups made 2 other changes. more
frank(o.s.) (CONT'D)
With these rules, I've eliminated ninety five percent of the risk of getting caught. If done correctly, the family won't even know they've ever been robbed.

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