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Iris Wilson is the youngest most successful Asian fashion designer in Las Vegas. She has a decent family, happy and a financially well- balanced family. They're aware about her career, but have no idea about her luxurious life at work. When her family and relatives decides to go for a vacation, she takes the advantage to introduce her luxurious life to the rest of her family.

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MizaHilmiyah added dialogue in "Moving In" two years ago. MizaHilmiyah made 11 other changes. more
Thank you mum and dad!
MizaHilmiyah edited dialogue in "Moving In" two years ago. MizaHilmiyah made 30 other changes. more
How much do you love my daughter?
MizaHilmiyah edited dialogue in "Showing off her true colours" two years ago. more
Wait, how did you easily pick her up like that?
MizaHilmiyah added an action in "Showing off her true colours" two years ago. MizaHilmiyah made 37 other changes. more
Then he began splashing towards Iris playfully and Iris counter- attacked.
MizaHilmiyah edited an action in "Erotic Vegetables" two years ago. MizaHilmiyah made 87 other changes. more
Julian took the onion from Iris and started peeling it off in a way he was making a flirty eye contact with Iris.

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