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A mourning mother starts to see signs that her dead daughter is trying to tell her secret. In the long run Carol Megson, the mother, brings in small families in the path of jeopardy.

Project Type: Feature Film

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cortyy added a slugline in "Little Jamie's Funeral" on 07/21/2011. cortyy made 18 other changes. more
INT. int. Preacher's office-seconds later
cortyy added dialogue in "Little Jamie's Funeral" on 07/19/2011. cortyy made 14 other changes. more
Kid #1
We've been here forever! When we are gonna leave?
cortyy edited an action in "Little Jamie's Funeral" on 07/19/2011. cortyy made 18 other changes. more
The scene is filled with weeping with sadness and weeping. The casket with Jamie's body is lower from the lift then it is stopped. Jacob walks up to the casket and places a pink and yellow rose. Two other men, who are Jamie's two first cousins, walk up to the casket and one man places a pink rose on top of it and the other places the yellow rose on top it. After the two men walk away
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