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Quick pitch

Ace is starting 9th grade at a new school. Ace has social anxiety, which means that it's almost impossible to make friends or seem confident in public. Ace also is schizophrenic, and he gets uncontrollable urges to attack/kill people on occasion. The people he wants to harm turn red when his urges come. He is prescribed a breakthrough medicine that gives him a chance at a semi-normal life, but his parents are abusive, dysfunctional, and poor, so they cannot afford Ace's medicine for very long, causing his urges to return gradually right after coming back from winter break.

Project Type: Short Film (Two hours)

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ACE suddenly jumps on WIL, pulling him out of his chair and onto the ground. ACE gets on top of him and starts PUMMELING him with all of his strength. ACE seems to block his surroundings out, and is focused on hurting WIL. We hear the song THE RED by CHEVELLE again. now WIL stops glowing red, and we see everything in black and white except for the blood on ACE's knuckles, WIL's face and clothes, and the floor. ACE is still BEATING UP WIL, just not as angrily as he started.
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INT. int. john nash high school in the morning
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