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This is a story about one of 538 items of power that are hard to obtain, and held by creatures of absolute horror. It is based on The Holders series.

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xxkydricxx inserted an action in "Pilot" a year ago. xxkydricxx made 10 other changes. more
As the screen fades, we see a large knife slash through the air splattering the rear windshield with blood.
xxkydricxx edited an action in "Pilot" a year ago. more
A man stands near a table, his clothes and skin dripping with blood. A young girl lies there, naked and unmoving.
xxkydricxx added a new scene titled "Act 2" a year ago. xxkydricxx made 16 other changes. more
xxkydricxx deleted an action in "Pilot" a year ago. more
Sitting in a pile of semen, blood, saliva, and other less recognizable things is a needle. Zane picks it up.
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