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I am too lazy to type a description. However, I guarantee that this script is certified 100% awesome by Reenal.

Project Type: Short Film (15 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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Richard (W)
Mom, let it go. You heard the man. There's NOTHING we can do
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Cameron is at the park from the opening scene. A montage of fun activites during the days is shown. Later,at night, Marcus, Samantha and Josh are running around with flashlights, screaming and laughing in joy. Cameron is running after Laura, laughing as she falls to the ground and breathes a heavy sigh of relief. Cameron mimics her and looks over at her, smiling. Laura looks at him, turns on her flashlight and makes a scary face. They both laugh. Afterwards, the two face each other, smiling.
audrianaf edited dialogue in "A Decision" on 04/07/2009. audrianaf made 5 other changes. more
Head Thug
Aight, we warned u da last time foo, now you gotta pay us to show how sorry yu are fo disrespectin us.
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Head Thug
I'm sorry nigga, but this aint enuf fo us to forgive yu. The rest you gotta pay in blood.
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