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It's been 8 years since the incident on Miranda. Malcolm Reynolds and his crew have split and gone their separate ways, fugitives after broadcasting the Pax video. But a common goal - rescue one of their fallen from the evil Alliance - will necessitate they band together on a perilous mission that could claim their lives...or reunite them in ways they never thought possible, allowing their pilot to finally meet the daughter he never knew he had.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Ever since the operative had his epiphany to let us go and told the Alliance River was no longer a threat, the Alliance top brass have turned their attention to another project. Don't mean some Alliance operatives ain't still looking for her. There's a big reward for bringing us all in, Mal especially. That video got broadcast all over the 'verse did as much harm as it did good. Some folk think it's a hoax; others are convinced the Alliance made the reavers and they're mad as hell. There's even talk of the resistance strengthening and gaining recruits. All the more reason for the Alliance to focus on this new project. Elias?
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You didn't let me finish...but his heroics after we were taken into custody helped us to escape.
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(finishing her sentence)
...not be awake long enough to care.

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