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Quick pitch

A story depicting the consequences of drunk driving. Shows the repercussions for the drunk driver (arrest, trial, conviction) as well as his/her innocent victims (death, injury, etc.), and makes the point that one decision can have long-term consequences. A story like this also presents an opportunity for lots of points about forgiveness, faith and trials, etc.

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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Hi :) Is this story meant to be an coming of age, Christian one? Can't tell by how much time each of the above parts are meant to have in the outline, but it seems the most interesting section would be VIII. Therefore, I would think this part needs the most time and exploration, because it can be easy to show a 'textbook' Biblical response--the way it's taught from a Christian perspective, but we tend to forget that even the people of the Bible were extremely flawed human beings.
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