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Rockero31 added a transition in "Home" on 06/15/2012. Rockero31 made 6 other changes. more
Rockero31 inserted a slugline in "No more" on 05/28/2012. Rockero31 made 41 other changes. more
INT. Ext. Front yard/Roberts Car
Rockero31 added dialogue in "No more" on 05/27/2012. Rockero31 made 35 other changes. more
That can't be, that's mad.
Rockero31 edited an action in "Morning Trouble" on 05/03/2012. Rockero31 made 49 other changes. more
John is left wondering what in the hell just happened. He resolved not to follow her further.
Rockero31 added an action in "Dinner Troubles" on 05/03/2012. Rockero31 made 161 other changes. more
John helped candy to the car and then got in himself.

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