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Walking from the factory, O'Grady looks up to the sky with a contented smile on his face. Xander is finally at peace, and because of it he can finally allow his heart to heal.
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I will admit to my pride, and if that is my sickness them yes I am truly sick. Care to weigh in on that assessment
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INT. Ext. Sussex Warehouse - Morning
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You're such a dork... let's just play some music and endure another day in our annoying traffic-ridden city.
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Detective JAMES O'GRADY a 32 year old, troubled retiree who has had his share of grizzly murders, is called back in for a brand new case. Two men and three women have gone missing without a trace. All the victims seemed virtually unrelated, but Reporter SELENA KING has a theory that may change the whole investigation.

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