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Bunch of idea for micro shorts (7-15 second long shorts)

Project Type: Short Film (1 min or less)

This project's owner invites everyone to work on this project! Collaboration-ville or bust!

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winl996 added an action in "Cyberbullying" on 07/17/2013. winl996 made 11 other changes. more
GUY 2 walks away while putting on shades. Caption says PROBLEM SOLVED.
winl996 added an action in "Chinese Siri" on 07/16/2013. winl996 made 3 other changes. more
ASIAN 1 is talking to SIRI.
winl996 edited dialogue in "Devil's Food" on 07/16/2013. winl996 made 10 other changes. more
guy 1
Let's make Devil's food!
winl996 added an action in "Getting Chinese Food" on 07/16/2013. winl996 made 16 other changes. more
They walk in the door. Pan up to reveal Petsmart.

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