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She pops in the memory card and all of a sudden, FBI-looking profiles pop up of random kids; equipped with fingerprints, personal data, and mugshot-looking pictures as if they were scanned from passports or school I.D. About 20 of these profiles appear on the screen, but EVE notices that about 3/4 of the profiles are marked with a large red symbol which reads: "DECEASED". EVE doesn't know what to think of all this information and she begins to wonder what any of this even has to do with her. Confused and overwhelmed, she continues to scroll through the seemingly never ending list of poor kids.
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Meanwhile, overwhelmed, EVE becomes extremely emotional throughout the entire discovery. Not accepting the news of her real dad, she pounds her fists onto the keyboard and leaves the house. She puts on her hood and walks through the street.
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(laughs while mocking GREGO)
Their caretaker was fighting back! Oh no!
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(laughs while mocking GREGO)
Their caretaker was fighting back! Oh no! MARCAO begins to pull a gun out of the back of his belt while still chuckling. He grabs a silk cloth from the table and begins cleaning the gun while continuing to talk
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