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elliottwilliams added an action in "Scene 2" on 01/20/2014. elliottwilliams made 26 other changes. more
They shake hands.
elliottwilliams edited dialogue in "Scene 2" on 01/19/2014. elliottwilliams made 10 other changes. more
Blind man
Well, I can see the game in my head and I remember where all the pieces are.
elliottwilliams added a transition in "Scene 1 - Exposition" on 01/18/2014. elliottwilliams made 24 other changes. more
elliottwilliams inserted dialogue in "Scene 5 - Final" on 01/09/2014. elliottwilliams made 22 other changes. more
That's alright, I know a few tricks.
elliottwilliams deleted an action in "Scene 1 - Exposition" on 01/08/2014. elliottwilliams made 8 other changes. more
Again BLIND MAN is sitting at table with chessboard when ORPHAN BOY approaches.

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