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elliottwilliams added an action in "Scene 2" two years ago. elliottwilliams made 26 other changes. more
They shake hands.
elliottwilliams edited dialogue in "Scene 2" two years ago. elliottwilliams made 10 other changes. more
Blind man
Well, I can see the game in my head and I remember where all the pieces are.
elliottwilliams added a transition in "Scene 1 - Exposition" two years ago. elliottwilliams made 24 other changes. more
elliottwilliams inserted dialogue in "Scene 5 - Final" on 01/09/2014. elliottwilliams made 22 other changes. more
That's alright, I know a few tricks.
elliottwilliams deleted an action in "Scene 1 - Exposition" on 01/08/2014. elliottwilliams made 8 other changes. more
Again BLIND MAN is sitting at table with chessboard when ORPHAN BOY approaches.

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