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Our drama 2 project

Project Type: Short Film (30 min)

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austinjamald added an action in "Scene VI" on 05/06/2008. austinjamald made 4 other changes. more
(It is morning and all are on the the deck they start talking about what had happened the night before, but Norah is acting strangely concerned for some reason.) Amelia- So what were you guys doing last night. Andrew- Well I got into an argument with some stupid old lady, and after that I went to party. Jed- Oh yeah I can of went to. Andrew- So amelia what were you doing last night. Amelia- I was here bored out of my mind, I can't believe you guys left me. Andrew- Oh you be aight. Amelia- Norah was wrong you looked disturbed. Jed- She probally still has an hangover from last night, I know I still do. Norah- well... ya see I saw something happened last night. Jed- Oh wait are you talking bout when I took my shirt off. (andrew and Amelia are laughing.) Norah- No guys this isn't a joke, this is serious. But we have to go in the house so no one won't hear us. (All follows Norah into house)
Bella_Bekett deleted a slugline in "Scene V" on 05/06/2008. Bella_Bekett made 2 other changes. more
INT. scene 5
josephsherrill edited an action in "Scene V" on 05/06/2008. josephsherrill made 3 other changes. more
Andrew arrives at the party. starts drinking. becomes intoxicated. it becomes late andrew starts getting ready to leave Andrew- alright guys im going back to the vacation house(walking unblanced) Jed- alright catch you later man peace. Andrew arrives at the house and runs into the old lady again. Andrew- see you made it back listen what ever you have to say save it. im tired of you. Old lady- if i was still young you would not be talking to me like that Andrew- listen i dont care about you and you have pissed me off enough. the argument just keeps getting heated as the old lady points out andrews flaws and andrew is now furious. Andrew- im going in the house and if your still here im going to... Old lady- what your not going to do anything your just a young imature boy. Andrew storms off to the shed and grabs a bar. unkowing norah came stubbling back from the party herd a little bit of the argument but stays some what hidden. Andrew goes back to the lady and kills her and drags her to the woods.
austinjamald joined the project! on 05/05/2008. more
irksome91 added an action in "Scene IV" on 05/05/2008. irksome91 made 28 other changes. more
OLD LADY gets out of the car and ANDREW storms off in a hurry leaving OLD LADY behind.

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