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INT. (Nicole rolls her eyes at his sarcasm.)She begins to walk down the gym hall way towards the rooms at the end. She turns the corner to head straight to mr. duellman's room.(The camera catches something in the door way of mr duellman's room but nicole doesn't) As she gets closer to the room Nicole admires the art work on the walls and just looks as she passes. She notices the lights are out, because he's never there. But she decides to look in in case that student teacher no one knows the name of happens to be in there. The lights in the hall way create a glare on the window. so nicole decides to try and still look in. she cups her hands around her eyes and presses her hands against the glass to get rid of that glare. she looks around but doesn't see anyone in there. She decided to still go in just to put the paper on his table.
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Nicole is at her volleyball practice and needs to go back into the locker room to grab her water bottle. She walks in and is all alone. The lights are on. (The creature is again in Ms T's office looking at her but she doesn't notice. She quickly runs in and out but right before she could leave, the door randomly slams. She goes up to it and tries to open the door, but somehow it locked. Nicole attempts even harder to open the door but it must be jammed. (Creepy music plays) she turns around (nothing is there) and she runs to the other door and opens in and leaves to the gym.

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