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Silent Beauty

A hearing girl who is engaged to a wonderful husband. She has negative perspectives of deaf culture and moves on with her perfect life...until she got involved in a hit-n-run. Blackened out, she wakes up in a hospital room, full of doctors and fiancé - mouthing words. She is deaf and is unstable about it. As she tries to endure the lifetime challenge, her talking get worst, focus lost, and getting a lot of pity from so-called friends. However, she peeks a handsome guy who not only signs but talk at the same time as well. A rare person she has seen in her life, she embarks on her rough path with him guiding her to recognize that hearing or not, beauty is STILL beauty. She goes to sleep one night, she wakes up hearing her fiancé again, asking if she is all right. She is back in the hit-n-run scene. She then realizes that she has dreamt it- living the deaf life. The big question is: has her view on deaf culture changed or still resistful?

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